40th Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt: August 11-15, 2016

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Deadline for entries: May 13th, 2016

The 40th Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt will take place from 11th till 15th of August 2016.

Shortfilmday 2015

On 21st of Dezember 2015 – the shortest day of the year – there will be shown shortfilms all over Germany. Have a look on the summary of all the different events in Germany under http://kurzfilmtag.com/

The Cinema Rex in Darmstadt screens some shortfilms with the subject „mystery and future“, moderation by Andreas Heidenreich from the Filmfestival Weiterstadt.
20:21 h in Programmkino Rex, Grafenstraße 20 in Darmstadt.

Filmkreis Shorts

On saturday 16th of january 2016 at 7 pm the Studentische Filmkreis Darmstadt shows a selection of short films, where you as viewers are able to choose the best.
The best film in that evening is prized with a 250 €-award.

See you on 16th of january 2016 at 7pm in Audimax at the Karolinenplatz in Darmstadt!

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39th Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt: August 13-17, 2015

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Program overview 2015

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Your help is needed!

The time has come! This August – just like the last 38 years -Weiterstadt is going to become the setting for one of the most famous shortfilm festivals in Europe. During 5 days there will be screenings of about 200 films – to get more of a glimpse into our programme, you’ll find more information on our website.

Of course this also requires lots of work. Since the festival is organised and run by volunteers, we need support during the actual festival as well as for the set-up and tear-down. Tasks range from cutting onions, turning a circus tent into a cinema to selling coffee… there is a lot to do.

The festival is going to take place from August 13th till 17th, the set-up starts 5 days before. So if you are free during that period and if you are keen on being a part of an international film festival, contact us!


Animation Workshops at the Festival 2015

This year we offer two animation-workshops.

Participation is free, but very limited so we will accept reservations on a first come, first serve basis. Please reservate under sponsoring@filmfest-weiterstadt.de.

Animation-workshop for kids aged 8 to 14 with Ali Dieler
(The workshop will be hold in German language)

Ali Dieler is Graphic Designer, Collage Artist and Animator. A lot of his animated short films have been already shown in Weiterstadt.

Every kid should bring with it an object like a cooking pot, a teddy bear or an old shoe or something else similar… please no green coloured objects!
Together you´ll work out the storyboard and film in stop-motion-technic how the objects form a sculpture of your fantasy.
At the end of the workshop everyone will get a DVD from the result and the film will be shown on festival-sunday in the filmtent.
The workshop takes place on festival-saturday the 15th of August 2015, starting at 2 pm till about 5 pm at the open air-area. The participation is limited to 8 kids, aged 8 to 14. Please reservate under sponsoring@filmfest-weiterstadt.de

Animation-Workshop for producing the Festival-Trailer 2016 with Jim Lacy
(The workshop can be hold in German an English language)

Many people probably just know Jim Lacy as a guest at the Filmfest Weiterstadt and don’t know that he is actually a well-regarded animation film maker and lecturer for film and animation at the University of Applied Science in Flensburg – when he isn’t blowing up clay crocodiles and elephants in the Braunstedter Tännchen.

Jim Lacy was born in Texas and keen on Super8 since he was a kid.
He is a specialist on Motion Control cameras and much asked from companys for commercial shotings.
Together with Kathrin Albers he runs an Animation-Studio in Hamburg since 2001 called Stoptrick.
Jim Lacy studied political science, an this characters all his screenplays for his short films ever since.

Jim Lacy Kopie


This year the workshop will be shorter and theoretically better organized (although the first part of this is doubtful and the second part is just a flat out lie). Jim hasn’t decided on the topic yet, but it will hopefully be highly entertaining and not at all educational. The result of this workshop will be shown as Festival-Trailer 2016.

Anyone who likes explosions and champagne (for children vegetable juice) is encouraged to attend! Participation is free, but very limited so we will accept reservations on a first come, first serve basis. The workshop will take place on Saturday 15th of August 2015 at 10 am at the open air-area and continues on Sunday. Please reservate under sponsoring@filmfest-weiterstadt.de.

If you just want to witness the workshop proceedings it can be also very exciting.
Jim Lacy likes working with spectacular tricks like little explosions or wind and rain, like last year:

Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt Official Trailer 2014 from Jim Lacy on Vimeo.


A review to the 37th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2013

The Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt took place from 15-19 of August 2013.

Official Festival-Trailer 2013

The Filmfest-Trailer 2013 was filmed by J.W. Harth during the Filmfestival 2012 in cooperation with our visitors and festival-makers.

Weiterstadt Grand Prix

During the Filmfest 2009 the film "Großer Preis von Weiterstadt" has been produced and is now available online.


The 36th Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt took place from August 09th – 13th, 2012.

Official Trailer 36.Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt

The trailer was filmed by Jim Lacy during the Filmfestival 2011 in cooperation with visitors and Festival-co-workers.